“To empower our communities and teach our youth to be positive citizens in the community. To teach them to be leaders and advocates for the changes they want to see in their neighborhood .

The 4 Ever Foundation was birthed from the untimely death of my cousin, Kirklinn Fowlkes. He was a co creator and my partner in creating our music company. We began working and producing songs together, talked about going to LA and creating relationships there as well as continuing to build on the previous relationships already established in Chicago. When he was killed, I felt extremely sad, angry, hurt, helpless and had no clue of what to do to fill this huge void. This song “4 Ever” and The 4 Ever Foundation is the first thing that finally seems to fill the void and answer the overwhelming question of “What can I do?”.

With portions of the proceeds generated from the sell of this song and merchandise, I plan to fund The 4 Ever Foundation. The Foundation in turn will be able to fund:

  • Community based organizations
  • Back to school programs
  • After school programs
  • Field trips
  • Summer camps
  • College & trade schools
  • Sports & Dance teams
  • Croc Center programs
  • Free haircuts
  • Cancer research
  • Neighborhood cleaning initiatives, etc

In order for our children to stop the violence and increase the peace, we have to give them an alternative. I hope this foundation will be one of the many alternatives that they can turn to. And in the name of all of our family members that may have lost their lives to gun violence, cancer or any other misfortune, this will be a solid sign that their lives were not lost in vain with the help of your purchase.

Thank you!

*Support here: “4Ever”

Thank you for your support!