Interested in becoming an affiliate?

 Affiliates of The 4Ever foundation receive $1 commission per sale.

To become an affiliate is quite simple. Helping a worthy cause is very fulfilling! It’s rewarding to know and see a difference being made in the lives of the children in the communities you serve. You can sign up as an organization, or as an individual that just wants to help increase support for the cause! The requirements are as follows:

  1. Purchase any “4Ever” Merchandise from
    • High end: 4Ever Embroidered Hats – $55.00
    • Med end: 4Ever T-Shirts, key chains – $12.00 to $25.00
    • Low end: 4Ever song digital download– $4.99
  2. Look for the affiliate link on your purchase confirmation email.
  3. Click on the link and create your account.
  4. Once we approve your account and create your affiliate link you’re done!

Apply your link to your social media, in emails, on stickers or where ever you feel you can reach the supporters.

You will receive $1.00 commission for every purchase made when someone uses your affiliate link. You will be able to track how much you’ve earned from your affiliate dashboard.

*All purchases receive the same status as an affiliate.


All affiliates must qualify by first purchasing the song or some “4ever” merchandise, because how can you sell something that you’re not buying?

Purchase song here! “4Ever”


Thanks for helping the kids because they can’t do it alone.



The 4ever Foundation